Licensed & Certified Master Strand-by-Strand Micro-Link Extension Specialist 

Now Booking Hair Analysis/consults for NOVEMBER

We are excited to meet you! We just want you to know that we are eager to give you the hair transformation that both looks great and is healthy for your hair.  Due to high demand, for existing clients, we are booking 4 weeks in advance for weekday requests, and 2 months in advance for Saturday requests. We will try our absolute best to accommodate you and see you as soon as possible. We also provide a waiting list for cancellations:)
If you are not an existing client and need an install sooner, please click here to discover our Luxe Goddess Certified Stylists. These stylists aren't affiliated with Luxe Goddess Hair but were trained by Shauney, our Master Strand-by-Strand Extension Specialist, and they come highly recommended! Check back often to find a trusted Micro-Link Stylist near you!

What Sets Us Apart....


Luxe Goddess Hair, LLC. offers exquisite customer service by listening to the needs and wants of our clients. Our prices are highly competitive and reasonable. We believe in honesty, transparency and giving our clients realistic expectations on our services and what they can do for them. We not only focus on the desired look you request, We also consider the health of your hair along the way. We are experienced with all textures of hair from all cultures. WIth over 14 years of experience, we've gained a lot of knowledge on the best placement method for extensions to achieve the most seamless flawless look ever.

Licensed with Over 16 Years Experience

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  • Strand-by-Strand Micro-Link Extensions

  • Thermal Hair Infusions (Hot Fusions)

  • Strand-by-Strand Nano-Link Extensions

  • Extension Removal

  • Beaded Wefts

  • Braid-less / Malaysian Sew-In

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